President’s Message

President’s address at the 22nd AGM – 2019 (22 nd AGM – 25 August, 2019, Zone by the Park, Infantry Road)

The Change has happened!

Hello my Dear AIT fellow Members. It is really wonderful to see so many of you
attending your Association’s 22nd AGM. A warm welcome to each one of you.

The present Team took over after the 20th AGM held on 12 Nov 2017. I am proud to
be a part of this wonderful and dynamic Team and thank each one of the Office
Bearers and Executive Committee Members and all of you for the wholehearted
participation in helping grow AIT further during our Term of close to 2 years. The 21 st
AGM was at KSBA on September 28th, 2018. At this AGM, we tried an experiment and
invited a Musical organization to write a song for AIT to get members to make time
for active participation in AIT Fellowships. Looks like the experiment worked!

The highlight of our Term was taking the bull by the horns and putting behind us the
non-filing of mandatory papers with the Registrar of Societies for 16 long years. This
was possible on account of the determination and focus by our Secretary Rajkumar
who took up this matter and went about contacting all past OBs to obtain past
records, got Komal to organize everything, etc.

Rajkumar met the Registrar himself on 27 Nov 2018 and explained the situation. As
per the Act, the Commissioner can condone a delay of up to 5 years. However, on
being completely plain about our 16-years of Non-compliance and on highlighting our
honest intention to be compliant henceforth, the Commissioner agreed with our
Secretary’s Request and was kind enough to give oral Instructions to handle our case
sympathetically. This was a huge relief. Soon, 21 separate Files were made ready. We
followed all instructions given by the Department and by Christmas last year, AIT
became compliant. This was a huge achievement and I must place on record that
Rajkumar proceeded with confidence and grit to drive this with support from the entire Team. But we need to appreciate the fact that he did all this while he was
officially on sabbatical leave on account of personal preoccupations. I urge future
committees to continue being 100% compliant. Komal is now familiar – but the OBs
need to be also aware of the Procedure, and timely filing will save us a lot of
headaches. Under the Registrations of Societies Act, we have 14 days to file the
necessary papers. Our deadline for filing this time would be September 7th, 2019. Let
us DO IT.

Another highlight was our kickstarting CSR initiatives. Starting with our Joint Secretary
Arun Kumar suggesting that we donate part of the Cricket tournament income to a
Military fund and with our Secretary Rajkumar finding the correct fund through his
contacts, Anil Sultania and Sunil Kukreja initiating the Water Wheel project, to the
Water Conservation Awareness Campaign suggested by our Past President Sridhar, all
were taken up in right earnest. Thanking all of them for their wonderful ideas and all
of you for your support. We were recognized at Delhi for the contribution of 75K to
Veer Naris. The Karnataka Flood situation spurred many of us to contribute to the
Chief Ministers Relief Fund or directly to affected residents of our own State. Mr.
Ranganath of CTDI (Digicomp) is helping us reach the right beneficiaries. Thanking all
the contributors. Some more details of these will be covered in our Secretary’s

We have increased the Member Base from 327 (as on 12 Nov 2017) to 341 as on
date. With a little bit of effort and getting information from OEMs, Distis, and Sub-
Distis we can increase this base. We need to ensure that we add only quality and not

We did form various sub-committees. Except for the Grievance Sub-committee and
the Sports/Cultural/CSR Sub-committee, all others matters have been handled by us
without functioning of the full-fledged sub-committees. We need to get all sub-
committees going full swing. This is a chance for many members to involve in
Association matters without being an Office bearer or Executive Committee member.

I am now reading out the Report from the Grievance Committee headed by our Past
President Mr. Nalin Patel:

Following issues were referred by Members during last one year (After the previous
AGM) to the Grievance Committee. The issues between Members and non-members
were successfully settled, the details are as under.

Schedule A
Hot Touch Electronics
India Computers
Orange Computer Services -3 issues were referred
and all are solved
RX Solution
Vantage Network Solution
Hollasons Trading Company Pvt Ltd
Unnathi – Referred issues were settled.
Schedule B – the following issues were referred on 30th July.
Aum Technology (Non-Member)
Zavasi Technologies Pvt Ltd
Sunrise Info Services (Non-Member)
Matrix Technologies

As these issues were referred late in our term, I have personally sent mail from AIT to
the other parties and the same requires to follow up by the new Grievance Team. We
took up a couple of Non-Member issues to entice them to become members of AIT.

We also sorted out issues between some of our Members and Rashi Peripherals,
Ingram and Supertron. The Distis have appreciated AIT for the resolution.

All documents have been given to me and will be shared at the time of Handing over.
Please be informed that we have the policy to maintain the secrecy of the Defaulters’
Identity. The same needs to be maintained in the future too.

Almost all Grievance Committee meetings were held at Mr. Nalin Patel’s office.
Thanks to Mr. Nemichandra Tejasvi, Mr. Subramanya Hegde for being a part of most

Mr. Rajesh of Hot Touch and Mr. Amit of Magnum Core did attend a couple of
meetings. Kudos to Mr. Nalin Patel for ensuring resolution.

All the present sub-committees end their term with our term and the new Committee
will start the new Sub Committees again and Members must become part of Sub
Committees of their interest and choice.
We would like to recognize the following Members who have attended maximum
events and thank them for their presence. At the head of the list was also my
Company Symmetrix! Am not reading out the name! The names are in order of
maximum attendance:

Micro World Infotech Pvt Ltd
VXL formerly Priya Limited
Rajhans Electronics
Samriddhi Infotech
Universe Power Systems
Arakesh Computers
Compucare Systems
Cosmic Systems
Nishi Systems & Solutions
Supreme Technologies
Towers Infotech Pvt Ltd
A & C Computers
Atul Enterprises
Hot Touch Electronics
Media Solutions
Triangle Technologies
Value Point Systems Pvt Ltd
Future Business Tech India Pvt Ltd
Invineon Technologies Pvt Ltd

Out of 20, 9 of these are our Office Bearers and Committee Members. Some of them
are our former Office Bearers. It really shows their commitment. A big hand to these
regular Members.

As you are all aware, the AGM should be held at the earliest after completion of each
Financial Year. We are happy that we have progressively moved the date forward. We
hope that the next AGM will be in July or earlier. We need to do this in order to finally
have our AGMs preferably within June end, every year.

I am sure that many of you appreciate our Google group Ait4life that may have been
helpful to you all for sourcing material. Many times, Members reply to all, which you
may have found irritating. Each time I have cautioned those members, thereby
reducing traffic. I think that I have done a great job maintaining both Groups. I would
like to continue administering these two Groups.

In addition, Komal has been broadcasting announcements and important messages.
We were not keen on having yet another Whatsapp Group. More recently, we have
enabled a Mobile Community App called Hubbler. This service is free for AIT for one
year. The New Team should take it forward, with someone driving it to ensure that
we get maximum benefit. Going forward it can be used to create Special Interest Groups
within the App. Member Directory with Skill sets may benefit all members when you
are looking for a particular service, solution or product.

I have been fortunate to have an excellent Team of Office Bearers and Executive
Members. In addition to the Participating and Attending Members and the Sponsors,
a lot of credit for whatever has been done after the last AGM goes to my Team-
mates. I thank them for everything.

Having been part of this wonderful Association of ours and also having been part of
running this in various capacities, I feel one of the most important things for us to
understand is that the participation level needs to be enhanced. With higher
participation will come new ideas which we can implement in the interests of the
members. All the Members who have managed AIT until now, and will do so in
future, are doing so selflessly, and the least all the Members can do to ensure that AIT
performs, is to proactively patronize and participate. If we need to get Sponsors for
our Fellowships, attendance is really very important for Sponsors to get mileage and
continue participating. Being in the Technology field, in addition to morphing from a
Traders’ Association to a professionally managed body, we need to embrace
technology and the benefits it can bring in our general functioning. Certain systems
have been put in place during our tenure. These need to be followed and improved
upon. We need to interact more with Government at the political and official levels
too. Also, we need new faces especially youngsters to step forward and become part
of the Sub Committees and then on to the EC. We also need to have a fresh look at
our Association’s Rules and Regulations and constitute an Advisory Committee of
Seniors who can suggest changes which should be discussed and implemented at the

Best Wishes and a BIG THANK YOU to each one of YOU.
Dinesh Dhanapathi
President – AIT (2017-19)