President’s Message

Namaskar and a Very Pleasant Good Morning!!

I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to all the esteemed
members and my fellow Executive Committee members to the 26th
Annual General Meeting of our association.

I also heartily welcome our sponsors of the day KSG

I would like to express my deep respect and gratitude to the
Executive Committee and fellow AITIANS for entrusting me with the
responsibility of leading the association since November 28, 2021.

Without further ado, I will provide a concise summary of the key
events that took place this year:

A) On January 3, 2023, we launched the AIT Calendar, generously
sponsored by Anandit Infotech. It was distributed to all our District
B) The AIT – VYAPAR Fellowship Meet occurred on February 21,
2023, at the Citrine Hotel.
C) The AIT – ALOGIC Fellowship Meet was held on March 24, 2023,
at the Century Club and was kindly sponsored by ALOGIC (Lucky
Star Computers).
D) On September 14, 2023, we had the AIT – CHATGPT Fellowship
Meet, organized by E Comp Technologies and sponsored by
Fortune Info Solutions,
GKY ESystems Pvt Ltd, Superior Digital, and Shelton Digital.

Our secretary Mr. Satish Rao will provide more details on these

AIT also had the honor of being the official partner for several in-
person events held this year. Some noteworthy ones include:

a) The Synology Solution Update on October 3, 2023, in Bangalore.
b) The India-Israel Business Summit on September 23, 2023, in
c) The Taiwan Trade Mission – Product Launch & B2B Meeting on
September 11, 2023, in Bangalore.

Additionally, we had the privilege of engaging with various district
associations through the Federation.

Notable among them were:
FITDAK AGM & ELECTION in Mangalore. The first FITDAK Executive Committee Meeting in Chitradurga.

I am delighted to announce that we have welcomed 35 new
members in the past year. A warm and hearty welcome to all our
new members.

As of today, we proudly have 419 members and continue to grow. I
would like to extend my gratitude to our Membership Drive
Committee, whose relentless efforts have led to this increase in our

On the financial front, we have successfully increased our Fixed
Deposit, marking another achievement for the 2021-2023 Team.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the entire AIT community for
their unwavering support and cooperation throughout this journey.
As I conclude my report, I wish the new team the very best of luck.
It’s time for me to step down from my role and will always be
available to support the association in future.

Thank you.
Sunil kukreja