President’s Message

President’s address at the 20th AGM – 2017

Passing the Baton

Before I make my report can I acknowledge with deep respect – my predecessors, the executive committee and fellow members of AIT for providing me an opportunity to steer the association since 9th Nov 2015.

As you all know today’s AGM will conclude my position as President of AIT and a new team will take over.

My term as President focused on transition and stability, bringing in a new set of office bearers needed for renewal. We set ourselves some pretty simple goals –stability, a focus on purpose and membership value.

Last two years we had activities with the above in perspective.

1.We had 4 meetings on GST, which helped our members to be adequately prepared for the new tax regime.

2.For the first time we had a group of 10 members visiting Computex 2017in Taipei. It was indeed a good experience. The Taiwanese did reciprocate our visit by organizing a visit of  8 manufacturers for a one on one business meeting in Bangalore during the month of Aug 2017. Again the Smart Asia 2017 is being held in our city from the 23rd to 25th instant. This event gives a wonderful opportunity to initiate and establish business with High end Taiwanese Manufacturers and Suppliers.In the coming days some good deals are likely to happen.

3.The bondage amongst members got bolstered with AIT cricket, Treasure Hunt & the recently held shuttle championship.

There are many challenges for the IT dealer community in the coming days. Many of these issues have to be addressed at a national level. In the recently held FAITTA meet it was decided that the President of a district association will be on the board of the national body. Also the Association from the State has a choice of naming a major player from the state as a representative to FAIITA.

We as a nation are witnessing disruptive changes in trade & commerce. For all this IT technology is the key enabler. Also the Govt of the day is giving lot of incentives to IT Industry, as its central to the Digital India initiative.

When it comes to technology, we have barely seen the tip of the iceberg in India. Only 9M households out of 168M rural households and15M households out of 78M urban households own a PC or laptop. India continues to be one of the least effective countries when it comes to using technology for development and growth and it cannot continue this way for too long. If we want to ensure all citizens in India have access to the basics like education, healthcare, financial services and government services, we have to embrace and aggressively use technology to bridge the gaps.

This provides all of an immense opportunity. I urge members to make a paradigm shift from being box pushers to IT service providers or end to end solution providers. Karnataka,that too our own Bengaluru even today continues to be the most preferred destination in the country for investments in knowledge Industry. Association can play the role of a catalyst in securing these business opportunities. Its time for AIT to shift the focus from being a mere trade body to a professional body.

As President of this Association, it is my duty to bring out the enormous time and efforts put in by the Office Bearers and the Executive Committee Members during the last 2 years. Please note that each one of the ECMs is a Member just like each one of you. However, they were chosen and have delivered. The entire service provided by them is Honorary.

And lastly to our members and the broader members of our community who have taken an interest in what we do ….a big thanks & don’t let that interest wane.

Let us set ourselves the goal of 50 new members a year and, I must ask members that when contemplating the ‘value’ of your membership (and I understand it’s a bit nebulous),  remember the life membership costs Rs 20 per week, the price of a coffee, and if you do still wonder what we do or what you get in return – not that the price of a coffee a week should deliver huge financial returns, but I understand that we all value our coffee differently – so if you are wondering about value, then speak to us rather than pull back your support, as many of us get our energy directly from your interest and membership.

Good luck for the new team as with this now my President’s Report is complete, I will be stepping down at this meeting and offering my support from behind the scenes, not up in the front as it is time for others to take that role.

Thank you

Warm Regards

R Sridhar


Dear Members a very good morning to one and all and a very warm welcome to the Annual General Meeting of AIT.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow committee members wholeheartedly without whom, we would not have been able to put a two-year calendar of 12 most meaningful and memorable events with a grand finale of having an international event that of Computex in Taipei Taiwan with a significant sponsorship of the accommodation by TAITRA. This translates to about an event every alternate month.

We started with the AIT Cricket Cup of 2016 sponsored by Relicell, Digisol and Sai Sri Durga followed by a painting competition and a talk on Home Waste Management in the month of May 2016.

June is when Prof. M.N Vidyashankar addressed the channel w.r.t opportunities in Digital India sponsored by Logitech (this is where we got the cue for Computex) and it took a good six months to get Taitra to sponsor our members at least partly, to be able to participate, and a good number of members signed up for visiting Computex.

In the month of September, we had an AIT GST meet sponsored by Tally and addressed by Dr. Murali Krishna and Dr. B.V. Manohar. We concluded the year with the 19th AGM sponsored by Posiflex in the month of November.

We began the subsequent year with a meditation retreat by our fellow ECM Mr. Suresh Kalburgi, so that we could adapt to GST gracefully. This was followed by a fantastic two-day cricket Tournament with the Sponsors being Commscope and D-Link.

In the month of May, we had a AIT GST Meet sponsored by CTDL, thanks to Mr. Suresh for graciously agreeing to sponsor the same.

Since GST was something that all of us had to decipher to the T, we had another event in the month of June by Mr. Ranganath.

In the month of September, we had a treasure hunt lauded by many, followed by a badminton tournament in October.

I would like to take a pause here, reflect on the two years that just flew past. It has been personally very overwhelming for me, I have had a great opportunity to learn from each of our fellow committee members and I would like to take a few moments to share the findings.

Sridhar, our President I must admit has held us all together, always motivating and knew exactly what the strength each of us brought to the table and aptly delegated the tasks and ignored the weaknesses, a mark of a true leader.

Dinesh, our Vice-President has been the most loved person in the team, always prompt and sincere, the man who never says no, jumps onto anything and has been tirelessly holding the AIT google groups and administering the same.

Prakash, our Treasurer is a rare treasure. Managing the association funds in the most frugal way ever possible, whose integrity and commitment is beyond compare. Someone who will not bat an eyelid right from erecting banners to getting behind the counter at a kitchen to manage chaos when there is a shortfall of staff and would constantly look at ways and means to save a penny or two. Â

Our Joint Secretary Keshav, a player in true sprit has been the master mind behind the two much lauded cricket Tournament, the Treasure Hunt and the Shuttle Tournament.

Our ECMs

Suresh Kalburgi. A calm, composed and effervescent man. I have personally known him for over two decades and seen him scale the globe. Many of us sell products and services, I am sure with meditation he has been able to sell his Company over and over. That friends, is an art. He has contributed significantly in most of our events, besides sponsoring a couple of them. He is someone who always walks the talk.

The two Aruns are like the perfect pair of eyes. Our T.S. Arun is always the go to man when it comes to all sorts of printing. He has always got it done perfectly well at the most affordable costs and some of them done at no cost. Â

Arun of Atul Enterprises took on a very active role in all the sporting events, He is not just an eye but a lens indeed. We have done away with our photographer. Thanks to him he covered most of the events. He significantly contributed in all the logistics of most of the events.

Tejasvi’s dedicated and high attendance at the Executive Committee Meetings and energy at all the Fellowships, managing Registrations and other arrangements flawlessly has been a big motivator. His constant ideas have been a big contributor.

Ashok Mallur is always willing to contribute in any form or means.

Last but not the least, our omnipresent Komal. He has been with the association for over a decade now.