Value Proposition

AIT Objectives – Value Proposition

(1)          To provide a common platform for all companies associated with the IT industry in the state of Karnataka to address issues at the local level.

(2)          To enable us to interact with each other through regular meetings which in turn may help in establishing the ground rules that should lead to a more healthier and productive business environment.

(3)          To interact with the Government Departments, like Commercial Taxes, IT, IT/BT, Excise, etc. and represent to them for implementing Laws and Regulations that are favourable to our industry.

(4)          To disseminate information to the Members regarding Government Policies and Laws and Regulations which affect our Industry.

(5)          To hold Trade Shows and Exhibitions either in partnership with existing reputed Organizers or by ourselves so that Members can avail considerable cost benefits, which will allow smallest of small Dealers to take part in such Shows.

To foster bonding and unity among Members along with a feeling of belonging to help each other in business as well as other matters.